Nathaniel Short Portfolio

How do we use emotions to experience design?

UX Designers have the unique opportunity to design around the human experience. Humans are not just limited to favorite colors, and styles, but more importantly, relationships, emotions, and responses. With color theory in mind, I personally feel happy when I see the color yellow, but I also hear happy songs, and remember happy stories. I went to college to pursue a degree in Social Work with the intention of working in field of special education or urban case management, but I discovered a passion for design after being asked to create a website for a local church. I realized that there is an intersection of the human/social experience and design and it would be a loss to explore it.

We define great albums and incredible movies by a common factor: does it invoke emotion? Did you cry? Feel encouraged? Did you beg your parents for a dog after Marley & Me? Do you dream about saving someone after watching The Avengers? I want to access those very emotions and show you something new.

Woodstock, Georgia
UI/UX Designer
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