I was having a conversation with my brother about some of his struggles he was having with work. The biggest complaint he had was that, as an hourly worker at a coffee shop, the schedules and availabilities for all the staff never lined up. I have had these experiences with my own work experience. I would give my full availability at Starbucks (where I worked in high school), but would frequently be scheduled for a day I was not available for. We can blame the manager for not fully organizing their information collected, but I thought there was a far better way to solve this problem. This is Schdlr.

Schdlr is a prototype app that was created in Figma. The main goal was to create an app that allowed staff to submit their specific schedules to their supervisor without the chance of data loss or confusing paper graphs. 

To start, I created a wireframe for the app:

A majority of my wireframe designs are created through Figma, but for Schdlr I had a few ideas that came to mind so quick that I didn't want to risk the chance of them leaving. I quickly drew this wireframe down at the kitchen table then brought it into Figma.

I was able to quickly create this design with the inspiration of a punch card. Neumorphism is interesting to me, but it can create some confusion in design if not done appropriately. My objective was to make a strong punch-card designed selection so that there was no option to be confused during the scheduling process. The selection for times would be a mixture of Neumorphism buttons and check marks and I added a strong confirmation screen to let the staff know that their input was received. I created all of this design through Figma, including the phones.

If you would like to see the rest of my designs, check out my design instagram. 

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