Landing Page & Site Redesign

I spend most of my design time either redesigning current landing pages in prototype form, or working with freelance clients to give them new full-site designs. 

Givr Design

Givr is a non-profit out of Arlington, Virginia that is a subscription service for individuals that want to help their local homeless community. I have had the chance to design their experience design specifically for their checkout design.


I love to challenge myself by creating illustration style graphics. If I see a building, food, or item in public that catches my eye, I want to recreate that to see if I can catch the eyes of others. 

Schdlr Prototype

Schdl is a prototype app creating in Figma that handles the headache of scheduling hourly employees that have constant changing schedules.

If you would like to see the rest of my designs, check out my design instagram. 

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