Website Re-Design & Branding

Adjusting a brand to match the evolving community

I created a website for Covenant Reformed Baptist Church (better known as CRBC) at the start of my design career. It became the catalyst for my interest in UX Design. A few months later, the church needed website updates following a name change and evolving community. To help reach their goals, I set out to answer the following question:

How can I create a design that provides an updated feel while honoring the rich history of the church? 

CRBC is a church being rebuilt, but they are rooted in traditional values. A lot of examples for current church designs emphasized flashy video and gradients. It was reminiscent of a party, not a devout community. By contrast, CRBC wanted their theological content - namely their blog - at the forefront of their website.


Making church personal

I decided to include a video of content filmed inside the church as the hero section to drop the visitor right into the experience. By developing the website in Webflow, I had the ability to sort a majority of the content into their own CMS so the staff could update it regularly. The project was met  with satisfaction from the staff, church members, and new visitors.

Other Projects