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I'm a former Social Worker turned Designer that is finding the intersection between the human experience and art. Here is some of my recent work.

Schdl is a prototype app creating in Figma that handles the headache of scheduling hourly employees that have constant changing schedules.


The idea was to find a way for all employees to submit their weekly availability to their supervisor, which then gets ordered through their app and directly into a posted calendar.  

Givr is a non-profit out of Arlington, Virginia that is a subscription service for individuals that want to help their local homeless community.


Every month, Givr sends you two bags full of items to give to someone in your area that is experiencing homelessness. Their ultimate goal is to "learn a million names of our neighbors experiencing homelessness."

Figma Design Series 

I challenge myself to re-create items using purely Figma design.


Some of my designs include fruits, buildings, and graphic landing pages, including the graphics at the top and bottom of this page. 

Downtown Woodstock Caboose